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Navigating Your Career

A Young Professional's Guide to Why, How and Where You Want to Work

Paperback Engels 2024 9789024458394
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Presenting a new approach to career progression, that transcends the conventional ladderclimbing model, encouraging a broader view of professional success.

Today’s young professionals face challenges in finding their career paths. There is a plethora of options, as they are navigating the expectations of family, friends, and society.

This book addresses these challenges, offering tools and new insights to better understand yourself and the evolving job market. The authors critically examine generational traits and challenge the conventional wisdom of “follow your passion.” They provide a comprehensive guide for those looking to tailor their career paths to their unique strengths and desires.

Additionally, it offers a grounded overview from the authors’ diverse generational viewpoints on how the work environment has evolved to what it is today. This provides young professionals with key insights they often miss. It thoughtfully demonstrates how to match personal strengths and aspirations with the current ever shifting landscape of professional opportunities.

- Addresses the crucial question: “Why do you want to work?”, setting the stage for a deeper job market exploration
- Offers a free personality test to match who you are in relation to the job market
-Written for graduates and young professionals, as well as their parents and the organisations seeking to recruit them


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        Navigating Your Career